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Accounts Receivable Managers International

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Phone: 818-846-9772
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We provide management and maintenance of Accounts Receivable, for businesses and banks. We can do it all, or share the work with your staff.

Accounts Receivable Service Program
Our free DataView® software provides complete Accounts Receivable support for all the routine account maintenance and collection work needed to collect your Accounts Receivable. Our staff works on-line as if we were in your office, together with your own people. Our software enables you and us to work on accounts simultaneously, while we remain completely invisible to your customers. You control who we contact and when. (more)
account receivable program Credit Management Services
We can act as your Credit Manager, or supplement the existing credit functions within your company. Credit is our specialty. We have 20 years experience analyzing customer data and granting appropriate credit limits. (more)
account receivable collection Worldwide Credit Insurance Coverage
We provide credit insurance for our clients' sales on credit to customers, anywhere in the world, starting as low as 0.6% percent ($6.00 per $1,000.00 of coverage). (more)
accounts receivable manager Dispute Resolution and Collection Program
We provide dispute resolution between you and your clients saving your valuable relationship while effecting the collection of past due account balances. We can also collect from tough accounts when toughness is needed.(more)


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shipping insurance
We collect international transactions.

credit insurance
We provide worldwide credit insurance on your A/R.

dispute resolution
We can resolve disputes with your customers.